What You Get

"I make records and I teach what I know."

I teach from 25 years of experience as a top major label Producer, Mixer, Engineer, Songwriter, Musician, Vocalist, and Sample Re-creator.

My teaching style is very real world and easy to understand, to follow, and to replicate.

My credits include 99 Gold & Platinum records and 56 Grammy Nominations. You've heard my work on Kanye, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, "Uptown Funk", "Down On Me", "We Are Young", "All of the Lights" and countless others.

Full mix tutorials from faders down to completely finished.

See every plugin, setting and decision Ken makes.

Available to stream or download.

In depth tutorials focused on specific topics such as EQ, drums, reverb, vocals, etc.

Audio sessions or stems provided for use on any DAW for you to follow along trying every skill and technique.

No subscription, No Commitments.

Only buy the lessons or bundles (for a discount ) you want.

Build your reference collection of knowledge.

Real world knowledge that you can afford.

Access to the tutorials you have purchased via download and through streaming.

Ken's Credits Include

Here's What People Are Saying About Ken's Tutorials

“Some serious jewels dropped in this video. The PDF is incredibly helpful. Very enlightening! Also, the Manley is stunning. STUNNING!! This technique is the epitome of glue. Recommended it to a few friends.”

Wayne E.

“I am learning more than imaginable from your program and I went to M.I. and SAE! I feel like your school gets so much more in depth and I can rewind, which is the best part.”

YouTube comment

“Ken Lewis’ tutorials are always great and I’ve found something useful in each one every time.To be truthful his tutorials are some of the best and easiest to comprehend around.I highly recommend them myself.”

Eric Matthews

“Great Classic Compressors tutorial, really eye opening. I tried your Manley Vari-Mu mix bus settings using the McDSP 6030 comp and got amazing results.”

Alex Scannell

“The Kick Drum Compression & EQ Comprehensive and the Plugin Transformers tutorials changed my life!”


“Very cool course! Really enjoyed it. Learned some new things for sure. Very well done Ken. Thanks!”

Lawrence Sanchez

“I’ve never really put much thought in to watching tutorial videos, but these videos by Ken are bloody fantastic.”

A. Robinson

“As a college student I don’t have much money to experiment, but by studying and watching your lessons I’ve learned a lot.”

Tray Samuels

“Like always, I learned so many things from Ken’s tutorial. He teaches very differently from the books, more real world scenarios.”

Angel Eftimov

“After 10yrs of using Pro Tools self-taught, my mixes have finally turned radio master quality. They sound cleaner, deeper and stronger than most of what I hear on the radio today. Ultimately I have you to thank for it!”

Wesley Avery

“Ken, thanks for putting this new lesson together with the Compression & Limiting Explained. Amazing Tutorials and they have been an awesome ear opener.”

Wyl Hill

“Dude, your lessons are blowing my mind. Watching your Jedi mix of the 10 Minute Drill (Sprint Mixing) is like watching Yoda lift the x wing from the swamp”

YouTube comment

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