Controlling Acoustic Guitars is a free 21 minute mix tutorial. Here, Ken Lewis shows you several Jedi level techniques to manage problematic acoustic guitars.

Discover techniques to use de-essers, dynamic EQ (equalizers), and limiters when dealing with unruly acoustic guitars. Learn new skills as Ken breaks down each technique, step by step, and explains why it works.

Keep in mind, the techniques discussed in this tutorial are not the normal ways to treat an acoustic guitar. The methods discussed here are for when you have some specific problems that cannot be cured with the normal methods.

Finally, Watch as Ken describes when to use these techniques and when not to, demonstrating each plugin setting.

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Learn how to mix, record and produce music from Ken Lewis, as he shares the real world techniques used to make world-class, hit records based on his 30 years of industry experience. Ken’s credits include work with BTS, Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Drake, Future, FUN., Mark Ronson, Ariana Grande and countless others.