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Ken says, “I’d love to. I mix frequently for completely independent artists as well as for labels and publishers. All of my mix clients get the exact same level of attention and talent, which is always 100%. I always mix analog on my SSL mixing console, and all revisions are included in my flat rate until you approve the final mix. If you are interested in learning more about my mixing rates, turnaround time, and work flow, please contact me at (serious inquiries only, please) and check out my mixing / production website, Thanks!”

No. When you make a purchase for one or more of our video tutorials, you are purchasing the right to view the content. Audio School Online owns the content, you are simply purchasing the right to view it. You do not have the right to share these videos with others especially via torrent sites or social media. Furthermore, Ken Lewis asks you to please respect what he is trying to accomplish. He says, “My goal is to pass on real world knowledge from my 28+ years worth of hard earned experience, at an affordable price. I am one guy with a small company, not some big corporation. Please do not steal from me. I do offer a whole lot of free content that you are free to view and share. I truly appreciate you spreading the word about my school. Just don’t torrent it! Thank you very much.”

Please keep in mind that many, if not all, of the songs and beats Ken bases his lessons on are copyrighted materials that Ken has been granted the right to use for teaching purposes. So, you cannot use musical elements from them for your own use, however, many of Ken’s tutorials contain one shot sounds that you are free to use how you like. Also, keep in mind, Ken occasionally uses samples in his tutorials that are included with the downloads. Ken does not own or control the rights to any of those samples and you are legally at risk from the copyright holders if you use those samples in your own productions. Let’s keep everyone out of trouble while we all have fun making music.

If some of the plugins are grayed out, most likely it just means that you do not own those plugins. In many cases, you can download demo installers for the plugins that will often give you 2 to 4 weeks of free use of the plugin. Ken recommends installing some plugin trials or demos. Those plugins will be active, at least for a while.

There are many reasons that this may happen. First, check your Internet connection to make sure that your download speed is sufficient for downloading large files. If your connection is fine, make sure that you have plenty of bandwidth available. Then, make sure that you aren’t using any download manager, proxy or any utility and/or service that manipulates the download processing of the file(s).

If the above is in check, contact us at so we can help you further.

Click on ‘My Account’ and login. Once logged in, choose the ‘Basic Information’ option to update your email address and the ‘Change Password’ option to update your password.

No. We offer access to watch the video via streaming, but you also have the ability to download the videos and most of Ken’s tutorials have session files that can be dowloaded and used with any DAW of your choice. Ken’s tutorials are meant to be repeated so that you can truly grasp the techniques and then try them for yourself.

Absolutely! Most of Ken’s tutorials have session files that can be dowloaded and used with any DAW of your choice. Plan to watch the tutorials in your studio set up and follow along as Ken describes the techniques in his videos. Then, practice and compare your results to Ken’s. Repeat as often as need until you get it just right. You can do it!

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and a few others as well as debit cards and PayPal payments.

No. At this time, Ken cannot commit to producing enough new content on a regular basis to charge a monthly fee.

STAY TUNED THOUGH…Ken is cooking up some extraordinary content (full course material) that he will release later this year!

Due to the nature of our products with downloadable files, all sales are final.

Ken says, “If I only had the time. Sorry no. I am far too busy running my school, writing, producing and mixing music, and hosting Q&A with Ken Lewis. I wish you well on your journey and I hope that some of my video tutorials can help you become even better at what you do!”

HOWEVER…. Ken is always looking for high quality songs to base his tutorials around. If you are interested in speaking with Ken about the possibility of allowing Ken to use a song that you control all of the rights to (both master recording and songwriting / publishing), Ken might be willing to barter for the rights to use it to teach.