This is not the confusing, book learning explanation of Audio Compression and Limiting. In Audio Compression and Limiting Explained, Ken Lewis gives you a real world, Master Class on understanding the functions and sonics of audio compression. Most importantly, he discusses how to control and shape sound with them.

Ken has utilized compression and limiting as a professional mixer for 24 years. Here, he de-mystifies and demonstrates how drastically you can alter sound, for better and worse, using only a compressor or limiter. This approach will help rid you of your misconceptions. It will empower you to choose not only the right compressor, but teach you how to set it to achieve the sounds you want.

This lesson covers each function including Threshold, Attack, Release, Ratio, Knee, Brick Wall Limiting, Gain Reduction, Gain Make-up and more. Ken explains all these functions and demonstrates them, in depth. With this knowledge, you can take command of your gear. Furthermore, he teaches you how to harness the full power of compression. He takes you to both the classroom and the studio to give you a well rounded approach to understanding compression and limiting.

Additionally, Ken digs deeper and demonstrates how radically different these controls can sound from one plug-in manufacturer to the next, an ear opening experience for sure. Finally, Ken teaches you some of his personal compression tricks and techniques to round out the tutorial.

Download Includes full Audio Session and stems

Running time 70 minutes

Genre: All

Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Resolution: HD


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