The first time Ken saw an LA2A in a big recording studio, he thought "Its only got 2 knobs, how could this possibly sound good?". Then he listened and learned. In this lesson on Classic Compressors, you will learn what an audio compressor is and how compression works. Here, Ken Lewis tackles a mountain of Classic Compressor plugins in this 82 minute tutorial. Listen to the radical differences in tone, shape, color, and character between 11 compressors and 5 different compression and limiting types.Compressors covered:
  • 1176
  • LA2A
  • LA3A
  • Tube Tech CL1B
  • Fairchild 660
  • Manley Vari-Mu
  • DBX 160
  • Kramer Pie
  • SSL E Channel
  • API 2500
  • Neve 33609
Compression Types:
  • FET
  • VCA
  • Vari Mu
  • Optical
  • Bridged Diode
Ken compares and contrasts all of these legends demonstrating examples on mix bus, drums, bass, and vocals. Then, throw out everything you thought you knew about the sound of 1176 and LA2A compressors as Ken compares 7 different 1176 plugins and 6 different LA2A plugins.Additional PDF’s are included as a valuable resource:
  • Attack / Release time Charts for all compressors
  • 1176 comparisons & LA2A comparisons
  • Ken’s summary thoughts on the audio examples
Running Time:  82 minutesSkill Level: Intermediate / Advanced

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