Critical Listening 1 covers different listening methods used to dissect and analyze stereo mixes. Learn how to hear pieces of a mix without listening to the whole. For instance, hear the vocal reverb on Adele without hearing her lead vocal, or hear her vocal dry with almost no reverb or other instrumentation and add your own reverb.After this tutorial, pick some of your favorite songs and use these analysis skills to investigate what sounds and methods were used in the production, recording, and mixing of those records, then attempt to incorporate some of those techniques into your own tool kit.Ken Lewis also dissects file conversion methods and how each format degrades or preserves your audio (Youtube,SoundCloud, mp3).Focus Topics Include:
  • Listening 8 different ways to a stereo mix
  • Using filters to further isolate elements
  • L-C-R Mixing, both Vintage and Modern
  • Analyzing “Hello” by Adele
  • Analyzing “Learn To Fly” by Gallant
  • Reviewing File Compression Methods (mp3, Youtube,SoundCloud, etc.)
  • Discussing how these techniques can be used for sample recreations
  • Explaining how these techniques can be used for sampling
  • Addressing Audio Degradation (Youtube, SoundCloud, mp3)

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