Hip Hop Mixing - Really Hot Summer Session is a series of 7 full mix video lessons built from this one hip hop song mix session, "Really Hot Summer" designed by Ken Lewis to teach you the fundamentals of how to mix a hip hop song. The series comes complete with an entire mix session, including fully produced music and vocals, all well organized in a Pro Tools session, as well as the audio provided as consolidated Wave files in case you are using another program other than Pro Tools. This is great material to practice and / or hone your mixing skills.

The lessons included are:

  1. Organizing the session
  2. Finding Tempo
  3. Effects and Master Fader
  4. Strip Silencing
  5. Gain Structure
  6. Gating
  7. Rough Mix
The best part is that Ken Lewis completes a final mix in Pro Tools using only stock Pro Tools plugins. So, you will be able to complete your own full mix from scratch, and then compare your work to his, picking up mixing tips and new techniques and improving your skills throughout the process.

Included with this purchase: The Pro Tools session for Ken's final mix  and the pro tools sessions for each of the 7 lessons

Artist: Upper Echelon


Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


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