Vocal Distortion Techniques is actually 2 mix lessons packaged together!

The first lesson is the Kanye Style Distorted Vocal Stabs. Ken Lewis has created many distorted vocals and vocal stabs for Kanye West over the last 13 years while working with him. Now he divulges a few secrets from his experience. The beauty of these techniques is in the simplicity and ability to duplicate these mix techniques. Upon watching this mix tutorial, you will learn several different techniques to distort, then affect vocal stabs using reverb and delays. In addition, Ken shows you how to string all of the sounds together and dial them in using several plugins. The plugins discussed include: Decapitator by SoundToys, UAD (Universal Audio) Thermionic Culture Vulture, Trash 2 from Izotope, Lexicon Reverbs and also stock delays.

Running Time: 9 minutes

Skill Level: Intermediate

The second lesson included is Lead Vocal Distortion Using Amp Sims. Here, Ken Lewis shows you two ways that he uses Amp Sims to add distortion, overdrive, and unique character to vocals. He utilizes the UAD (Universal Audio) SoftTube plugin Amp Room. As a result, you will learn how to keep your vocals clear and understandable while also saturating them.

Running Time: 10 Minutes

Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced


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