Keyboard for Beatmakers 2 (Full Course – 11 Tutorials)

This full course picks up where “Keyboard For Beatmakers 1” leaves off, and rockets your keyboard skills forward. This 11 episode series is for beatmakers without formal music training, who want to incorporate keys into their beat making. If you are not fully utilizing a keyboard to help make your beats, this is what you’ve been looking for. These episodes cover a mixture of in-studio playing techniques and some basic, easy-to-understand music theory. Then, you will learn how to play songs by Drake, Dr. Dre, Wale, Jeremih, Katy Perry, and Alicia Keys. Learning how and why other producers put chord progressions and melodies together in these songs will help you better understand the process and help you when creating your own beats.

Episode 1 covers:

  • Triad Progressions with Inversions
  • Basic 7th chords / 7th Chord Inversions explained
  • 7th Chord Progressions with Inversions
  • 808 Bassline using passing tones
  • Breaking up chords between hands
  • Using Leading Tones to create Melodies
  • Relative minor chords and scales
  • Velocity Layers and Rolling chords
  • And much more…….

Episode 2 “Making The Beat” – Ken takes a basic chord progression over a trap beat and moves the MIDI from piano to create a full song. Learn to create….

  • Dre style piano chops
  • Bell arps and string pads
  • 808 Bassline and Synth melodies
  • Create an Arrangement
  • Change up chord rhythms

Episode 3 – Music Theory “Triads”

Episode 4 – Learn to play “Started From The Bottom” by Drake

Episode 5 – Learn to play “Still Dre” by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

Episode 6 – Learn to play “Bad” by Wale ft. Tiara Thomas

Episode 7 – Music Theory “Major Scale Progressions”

Episode 8 – Learn to play “Don’t Tell Em” by Jeremih ft. YG

Episode 9 – Learn to play “Fallin” by Alicia Keys

Episode 10 – Learn to play “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry

Episode 11 – Music Theory “The Minor Scale & Relative Minors”

If you have not already done so, you may want to start with Keyboard for Beatmakers 1 first before tackling this course. If you are interested in learning to play an instrument - piano, guitar, voice, drums, bass or to learn music theory, check out our other site, Music School Online and start a free 10 day trial today.


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