BEATMAKERS! This is a total GAME CHANGER. If you've avoided playing keyboard because you just didn't understand it and could never play anything musical, this is your jumpstart. In Keyboard for Beatmakers, you will learn how to add musical elements when making beats. In just minutes you'll be playing chords, basslines and melodies. For beginner players, Ken Lewis breaks down a lot of the mysterious functions and parameters found in soft synths and DAW's.Ken has a strong music background, but is a mediocre piano player at best. Yet, he has played piano on songs for John Legend, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Drake, Future, Ciara, and many others. Become the Beast of the Beats when you have the ability to add music that works with your tracks.This Tutorial downloads to your own hard drive for viewing.This lesson covers:
  • Playing chords and chord progressions easily
  • Finding basslines
  • Learning the key of the song
  • Adding melodies and how to find the right notes
  • Layering sounds
  • Arpeggiators
  • Transposing octaves
  • Transposing keys
  • Differences between Mono and Stereo synth patches
  • Glide Time / Portamento
  • Quantization and more.
Watch the 3 minute intro video to hear Ken Lewis tell you about the Tutorial which is taught using Logic Audio, but every skill learned is applicable to any DAW. They all do the same things. There is no audio session download with this tutorial. Instead you should watch and follow along with your own DAW, learn each skill and that skill's location in your DAW, then keep going. Build your own song as you watch.Running Time: 57 MinutesSkill Level: BeginnerGenre: ALL / Live Instruments

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