In this tutorial, Layering Drums - Making Breakbeats, you will learn how to take your boring drum patterns and inject them with vibe, character, and dynamics. Here, Ken Lewis shows you how to create an authentic sounding hip hop breakbeat starting with a simple kick, snare and hi hat. Then, he demonstrates how to finish with layers of drums, percussion and ambience reminiscent of the classic breaks. You will learn how to pick the right sounds and use the right effects, compression, and EQ to make heads nod and rappers find their flow over your drums.

This tutorial includes the full audio breakbeat session, including all of Ken’s One Shot drums, so you can practice these techniques on your own DAW as you watch the tutorial. Pause, rewind, and try your new skills as Ken teaches.

Ken has produced for Eminem, Kanye West, Future, Ciara, Kendrick Lamar, and countless others (check out all of his credits) using these techniques and many more. Learn from a Pro.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Running Time: 20 minutes


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