In Mic’ing Live Drums, Ken Lewis and his session drummer, Dylan Wissing (Eminem, Drake, Alicia Keys, Kanye), guide you through how to mic the drum kit properly for recording drums in the studio.You will learn:
  • Which microphone (mic) to use for each drum
  • How to place each mic for optimal recording
  • How and why  to isolate the sounds of each drum and cymbal
  • What distance should be between each mic and the drum head
  • How to record drums if you only have 1 mic, 2, 3 or more
  • Several pro tips from decades of experience
This is a MUST HAVE video for drummers, engineers and producers who need to record live drums.Be sure to check out the companion series, Recording Drums Course, which takes you through tuning and prepping your drum kit piece by piece.Included with your purchase is a microphone guide for a fully mic’ed drum kit, with several mic suggestions in a range of prices and quality.Skill Level: Beginner / IntermediateGenre: All

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