How to Mix Hip Hop Instrumentals Lesson 1 - West Coast Beats is the first of 3 lessons in a multi-part series on Mixing Hip Hop Instrumentals. Each Lesson covers a different style of beat. This lesson covers West Coast style beats.

Here, Ken Lewis takes you through a full instrumental mix from the beginning through to the end. He demonstrates every aspect of the mix, from plugins to panning, EQ to compression. Then, he shows you the added effects used to treat the mix bus. Most importantly, Ken provides detailed explanations of every choice he makes as he is mixing. He shows you all of his settings, specific to this style of mixing. This mix tutorial is packed with great mixing tips and techniques.

The full Pro Tools session is included with the download as well as consolidated WAVE files for other DAW systems. This allows you to complete your own mix and compare it to Ken's, every step of the way.

Running Time: 57 Minutes

Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Pro Tools Session and Consolidated WAVE files included with the Lesson Download

Be sure to check out the other 2 mix tutorials in the series How to Mix Hip Hop Instrumentals 2 - Sample Based Beats and How to Mix Hip Hop Instrumentals 3 - Club Anthem Beats.


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