In Mixing Home Recordings - Indie Rock Edition, you will learn how to mix home recordings. CORRECTLY.You've been asking, Ken Lewis delivered. Here is the first in a series to come of Mixing Home Recordings here at Audio School Online. The song featured in the tutorial, “Nothing I Could Do” (currently spinning coast to coast), was completely recorded and mixed in a home recording studio using consumer gear by NYC indie rockers DON'T BELIEVE IN GHOSTS. Ken Lewis utilizes this home recording to show you how to mix at home and how to create a professional sounding mix of your work.

This full mix lesson takes you from faders down to the Mastered mix bus. Here are some of the topics Ken covers in depth in this tutorial:

  • Mixing lead vocals and layered backing vocals
  • Mixing live drums
  • Triggering drum samples from live drums
  • Fattening up live bass guitar
  • Utilizing Amp Sims on direct recorded guitars
  • Adding effects to guitars (tap delays, chorusing, stereo-izing, compression, EQ, etc)
  • Mixing synths and keys
  • Creating effective transition elements
  • The HAAS Effect
  • Automating vocal delays
  • Mixing strategy and approach, what to listen for
  • Finishing the Mix Bus and achieving mastered Volume
Listen to the band's final mix, then watch, hear, and learn as Ken does a complete mix of his own, explaining every plugin setting, fader movement, and mix decision in depth. Now try your own mix with the full audio session provided in the download (Consolidated Audio Stems for any DAW, plus Ken's Pro Tools sessions).

Tools the band used to record this song:

  • Vocals - Studio Projects C1 mic (street price $150) into an Apogee Duet Mic Pre (under $200 used)
  • Guitars and bass recorded direct without amps into the Apogee Duet
  • Drums recorded in a home basement
  • Originally mixed in the box with the Apogee Duet and Pro Tools

 Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Run time: 110 minutes

This tutorial was launched in conjunction with a mixing contest in June 2016. If you would like to hear the winning entries for both the Hobbyist Amateurs and the Studio Warriors, check them out here on the ASO Mixing Contest SoundCloud page.


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