In the mix tutorial Mixing Indie Rock, Ken Lewis takes you through an entire indie rock mix, from start to finish with no interruptions. He shows you every plugin, every fader move and pan adjustment. He demonstrates all of the mix bus processing. Throughout the entire video, Ken explains in depth what he is doing and why he is doing it. You see and hear the mix evolve from a single kick drum thumping into a fully finished mix ready for radio.Ken covers vocal mixing, mixing and layering cellos, gently tuning instruments using Autotune,  choosing and tweaking amp simulations (sims) on guitars, panning, adding effects to create space and mood, mixing full drum kit and percussion, finishing treatment on the mix bus, and much more.This mix session features NYC indie rockers SKIDMORE FOUNTAIN and their song BLUR, which Ken produced and recorded from their album BREAK. Included in the video tutorial download is a stereo WAVE file of Ken's final mix of BLUR.   This lesson can be purchased with or without the full Pro Tools Session of the song including consolidated stems for any DAW.  Practice your own mix of "Blur" at home!Running Time: 90 MinutesSkill Level: AdvancedGenre: Indie rock / Live instruments*** PRO TOOLS SESSION INCLUDED ****** CONSOLIDATED AUDIO STEMS INCLUDED****Listen to Ken's Final Mix in the FREE section

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