This is Mono Stereo and Panning Explained...You asked, so Ken answers 24 questions in depth with examples, seeking to de-mystify all things about the stereo field. With this lesson, you will learn to avoid common amateur mistakes while increasing your stereo skills.

Some topics covered include:

  • Common pan positions of instruments and vocals
  • What sounds are most often mono or stereo
  • Listening Quizzes
  • M/S (Mid – Side) verses L / R (Left – Right)
  • Stereo interleaved, multiple mono, and mono summed
  • Stereo field explained – width and depth
  • Stereo and mono effects, as well as, panning effects
  • Auxes and when to use mono or stereo
  • Panning completely explained
  • Worst stereo mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Mono vs. Stereo plugins – when to use what
  • Mono sounds with stereo effects
  • The HAAS Effect
  • EQ’ing stereo tracks

All this and much more is covered and demonstrated in this 1 hour and 22 minute tutorial for beginner and intermediate engineers, mixers, producers, musicians and artists.

Also included with this lesson is the Audio Session and stems for any DAW and a supplemental reference sheet on Mono, Stereo and Panning to use as a tool in your musical arsenal.

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