Recording Drums Course is your definitive guide to preparing and tuning your drums for recording. This is a 5 part drum series where Ken Lewis turns the spotlight on to his studio drummer, Dylan Wissing. Dylan endlessly toured the USA in rock bands and has played on many tracks you’ve heard for artists including Alicia Keys, Eminem, Drake, Kanye West, John Legend, and more.Dylan walks you through, piece-by-piece, showing you how to prep and tune your drum kit for a recording session. After watching this series, you will know how to professionally prepare the drums and get the perfect sounds for your own song.The course includes:
  1. Recording Drums Intro
  2. Part 1 – Tuning and Prepping the Bass Drum - Here, Dylan Wissing takes you step by step through:
  • Tuning the Kick Drum for different genres
  • Muffling Techniques
  • Beater Types and Techniques
  • Using the hardware correctly
  • Pedal attack styles
  1. Part 2 – Tuning and Prepping the Snare includes:
  • Tuning the top and bottom heads
  • Adjusting muffling and ring
  • Snare Heads – types and tones
  • Snare Wires – sizes and settings
  • Snare hardware and stand
  • Dylan’s decades of tips and techniques
**For those of you interested in learning more, be sure to check the resources included with this drum course for a bonus video on tackling a troubled snare.
  1. Part 3 – Tuning and Prepping the Toms encompasses:
  • Top and bottom head tuning
  • To bend or not to bend – the tone
  • Mounting the shell – rack and floor
  • Shell types and tones
  • Head sizes, types, thickness, and tones
  • Specialty – Concert Toms, Single heads
5. Part 4 – Choosing and Prepping Cymbals covers:
  • Hi hats, rides, and crashes
  • How to choose cymbals for recording
  • Sizes, weights, tones and styles
  • Adding muffling or sizzlers
  1. Part 5  - Troubleshooting, Tips and Tricks - Finally, in this last video, Dylan addresses common issues often seen when recording a live drum kit. Learn from his experience to avoid these common pitfalls, and maximize your studio performance.
Run Time: 2 hours 13+ minutesFor All Skill Levels

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