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0:00Intro2:26Listening to Sample Variations from Same Source4:14Variation 1 & 2: Splitting the Stereo Sound 6:53Variation 3: Isolating Technique for Stereo Sounds9:20Variation 4: Filtering Low End 11:09Summing Left and Right Together12:49Variation 5: Creating a Narrower Version of Original14:33Variation 6: Demonstrating an Old School Trick 18:51Boosting Individual Elements 19:41Isolating the Bass 22:42Variation 7: Showing the Reverse with No Bass 24:10Demonstrating Other Options with Filter 25:01Referring Back to the Original Source 25:32Sampling Right Side Only Filtered26:24Recapping All Sample Variations 27:38Not Legal Advice About Sampling 29:48Moving On to Drum Loop Sample30:09Going Through Drum Loop Sample Variations33:05Variation 1: Getting to the Hats36:06Using Dynamic EQ to Remove the Hi-Hats37:03Filtering Out Frequencies38:20Using the Waves S1 Imager40:33Completing Hi-Hats Sample41:45Variation 2: Isolating the Snare48:23Variation 3: Using Filters and Other Effects50:02Using Waves Ren EQ 252:07De-Essing Unexpectedly54:42Listening to Finished Full Chain on Sample55:20Variation 4: Odd Filter1:03:28Listening to Stereo Sample1:03:51Running Through Sample with Previous Effects1:05:40Variations 1 & 2: Showcasing Left Versus Right1:06:40Variation 3: Mono Filter1:07:34Variation 4: Kick Drum for Layering1:08:22Filtering Right Side Only1:09:17Grabbing Individual Sounds1:10:22Looking at One Final Loop1:11:20Getting One Shots1:13:00Isolating Sides with No Middle1:15:20Final Thoughts1:18:20End

Ken Lewis teaches Production Sampling Secrets Lesson 1, the first in a series of sampling secrets. This is an absolute "must know" for producers and mixers who work with sampled beats. Beatmakers, this lesson breaks down how to manipulate sounds before, or after, you sample them, finding new and creative ways to isolate specific pieces of a sound to sample. Ken takes a classic sample, used in Jay Z’s  "Roc Boys," and shows you how to isolate the horns only and remove the drums and bass, or isolate the bassline only, snares only, etc. He demonstrates how to layer different pieces of the sample together to create new sounds and moods.Then, Ken takes you through 3 more samples. He shows you how to take boring, straight ahead drum loops and add energy and presence to them using EQ, compression, filtering, M/S Equalization, and phase inversion. Next, he breaks down "A Minus B" listening and how it can transform your sample sources into completely new sounds.Ken presents everything, step by step, in this 1 hour and 18 minute lesson that includes the video as well as a full Pro Tools session and consolidated audio stems for use with any DAW. See all of Ken's plugin settings both on screen and in the included session. Then, practice your own sample transformations on your DAW and see what new combinations and techniques you come up with. This lesson will definitely take your sample game to the next level. Watch the five minute introduction video and you'll be convinced.Running Time:  1 hour 18 minutesSkill Level:  Intermediate / Advanced*** PRO TOOLS 7 through 10 SESSION INCLUDED ****** CONSOLIDATED AUDIO STEMS INCLUDED FOR ANY DAW****

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