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Sprint Production REFILL PACK - Trap Beats 1 was created by Ken Lewis for his Sprint Production series.

Ken designed Sprint Production, a 10 minute production drill, to hone your instincts as a producer. In the original exercise, Ken picked a set tempo and a 4 bar loop. Then, he created 10 kick patterns, 10 snare patterns, 10 hi hat and percussion patterns, 10 basslines, 10 keyboard pads, and 10 synth lead patterns. All of these are in two different musical keys with different sounds. The object is to set a stop watch for ten minutes, hit start, loop the 4 bars, and try to put together the hottest beat you can in only ten minutes.

This Sprint Production Refill Pack is an all new challenge, an all new tempo and feel (92bpm - Trap Beats). Here, you have 10 minutes to make the hottest beat you can. You have ten new choices in each category of instruments,  Kick / Snare-Clap / Hat-shaker / Bassline / Pads / Leads.

Find the sounds and patterns that work together best to your ear. The only rule is you only have ten minutes. When your done, loop your beat and print it. Reset the controls and start again from scratch.  You can do this almost endlessly with different results every time. Ken did this one 4 times already and each of his beats sounds completely different from the others.

"This exercise is priceless for building your instincts and confidence in making quick, musical decisions. The pros work lighting fast with excellent results.  The Sprint Production Drills will help you develop your own instincts and learn to listen to them! Good luck!" -Ken

This Refill Pack does not come with the Video Lesson. That is included in the original Sprint Production 1.

It contains consolidated WAVE files to be used with any DAW.

Sharpen your skills, hone your instincts,  learn to make music without over thinking it.  Be CREATIVE!!! -Ken



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