Mixing For Mixtapes - VIDEO ONLY


Watch as Ken Lewis mixes a full mixtape song, from start to finish, uninterrupted for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Gain insights as Ken breaks down his entire approach and philosophy on mixing vocals to a 2 track beat, blending stacked singing vocals as well as how to treat rap lead vocals, doubles, ad libs and more.

Another great place to find awesome content from Ken Lewis is on his YouTube channel, Mixing Night. Ken hosts free semi-monthly livestreams with real time sprint mixes, demonstrations, special guests, and more. Register here for the next event to join in the fun!

Learn how to mix, record and produce music from Ken Lewis, as he shares the real world techniques used to make world-class, hit records based on his 30 years of industry experience. Ken’s credits include work with BTS, Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Drake, Future, FUN., Mark Ronson, Ariana Grande and countless others.