All About Audio Filters Using Logic and Pro Tools


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Learn All About Audio Filters Using Logic and Pro Tools. In this mix tutorial, Ken Lewis breaks down all aspects of how to use audio filters and shows you plenty of excellent filter techniques in both Logic and Pro Tools. He teaches you how to get the AM radio voice, how to sonically open up a mix, and how to effectively use filters on backing vocals, drums, and bass. In addition, Ken covers how to effectively use filters in combination with other EQ and compression. Finally, he breaks down all of the terminology and functions of filters, and teaches you how to do an automated filter sweep in a mix. If you are new to filters, this is your bible. If you are experienced, I bet there’s still something here for you.

Running Time: 40 Minutes

Skill Level: Beginner

Pro Tools and Logic Sessions not Included with Video Lesson Download

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great tips! looking forward for more videos!

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