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In the tutorial Amp Sims – Drums, Ken Lewis shows you several drum distortion techniques using amp sims as well as distortion plugins. Discover what Ken is listening for as he shapes his drum sounds with sim amplifiers, tubes, cabinets, stomps, and effects. Turn that boring drum loop into the most interesting sound in your production. Find transitional ideas to create interesting segues into or out of a chorus or verse. Finally, fatten up those flimsy drums utilizing overdrives and pre amps.

Audio included: several drum loops, vocal loops and guitar loops for you to practice dialing in your own tones and textures. If you own amp sims, this is tutorial is a must.  27 minutes of stomp box and guitar pickup gems.

Running Time:     27 Minutes

Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Genre: All

Be sure to check out the other Amp Sims tutorials including Amp Sims-Complete Basics, Amp Sims Stomp Boxes and Pickups, Amp Sims – Creative Guitars or get them all in the Amp Sims on Everything bundle.

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great tips! looking forward for more videos!

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