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Blur – Ken Lewis Final Audio Mix is a free video lesson. This is the audio of the final mix that Ken Lewis completed for the song BLUR, from NYC indie rock band SKIDMORE FOUNTAIN. Be sure to check out the mixing tutorial, Mixing Indie Rock, to watch Ken take you through an entire mix of this song, start to finish, without interruptions. You will learn all about the mix process by watching him explain every plugin used, every fader move, pan adjustment and more.You see and hear the mix evolve from a single kick drum thumping into a fully finished mix ready for radio.

This free video lesson is the outcome of that final mix. Enjoy!!! Its all a Blur.


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David Carroll
Hi Ken, this sounds great. I first heard this in your filtering Tut and had to look it up. That panning and performance at 1:10 was just SOOOOO SICK man. ..Love what you are doing with your site to help us all make better sounding music.

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