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Compression Attack Time Mixing Tip from Ken Lewis solves the mystery of compression attack time. Here, Ken teaches you the real world functions of an audio compressor in an easy to understand way that you can replicate.

This mix tip is an excerpt from the full length tutorial Audio Compression and Limiting Explained. In the full length tutorial, Ken gives you a real world Master Class on understanding the functions and sonics of compression, and most importantly, how to control and shape sound with them, not the confusing book learning explanation of Compression & Limiting.

The functions covered include Threshold, Attack, Release, Ratio, Knee, Brick Wall Limiting, Gain Reduction, Gain Make-up, and more, all explained and demonstrated in depth so you can take command of your gear. Learn how to harness the full power of compression, taking you to both the classroom and the studio to give you a well rounded and very real world approach to understanding compression and limiting.

Also, please check out Ken’s other recordingmixing and production lessons and his other free lessons.


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Red Mase
Thanks Ken, I need to upgrade my classes from you. Great vid.

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