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Down On Me Mix Session Episode 1 is the first mix lesson of this 3 part series. In this mix tutorial, Ken Lewis begins showing you how he mixed the smash hit “Down On Me” by Jeremih feat. 50 Cent, from start to finish.

In Episode 1, Ken breaks down all of his mixing techniques, step-by-step, and offers insights into working with 50 Cent, and more. He covers approximately the first third of the mix. Here, you will watch as he tackles mainly music mixing with some vocal mixing.

Once you have digested this material, be sure to check out Down On Me Session Episode 2 and Down On Me Session Episode 3 to see Ken mix the complete hit song. All 3 of these mix tutorials are free for your viewing enjoyment and education.

If you like this video series, please subscribe to Ken’s youtube channel to receive information on new lessons and subscribe to Ken’s newsletter. Also, please check out Ken’s other mixing and production lessons.


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Wow I'm an amateur audio engineer and can't afford to go to school, but watching your videos is like I'm in the class learning all the tools and tricks to make a proper mix. I just want to say Thanks alot Ken, you are the Best!!!!!

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