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Down On Me Mix Session Episode 2 is the second mix lesson of this 3 part series. In this mix tutorial, Ken Lewis continues to demonstrate you how he mixed the smash hit “Down On Me” by Jeremih feat. 50 Cent, from start to finish.

In Episode 2, you will learn additional mixing techniques, as Ken shows you every step he is making in the mix process. He covers the second third of the mix which is focused more on mixing vocals.

Once you have digested this material, be sure to check out Down On Me Session Episode 3 and if you missed it, be sure to watch Down On Me Mix Session Episode 1 to see Ken mix the complete hit song. All 3 of these mix tutorials are free for your viewing enjoyment and education.

Also, please check out Ken’s other mixing and production lessons and his other free lessons.


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Rico Sauve
Man, I clapped my hand and giggled almost every 5 mins. Very impressive, man! A lot to learn from you, Ken. Keep it up.

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