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Everything Amp Sims bundles together all the mix lessons pertaining to Amp Sims (simulators). You see, Amp Sims aren’t just for guitars! In these lessons, Ken Lewis shows you how to use Amp Sims on an array of voices and instruments. He proves how Amp Sims and Stomp Boxes can create tones that no other plugin can duplicate. Ken demonstrates their ability to string multiple effects boxes together, offering limitless sonic choices, as wild as your own creativity. There are two types of people in the audio world, those who love and use Amp Sims, and those who WILL after they dive in to this amazing bundle.

Included lessons:

  1. Amp Sims Complete Basics
  2. Amp Sims – Drums
  3. Amp Sims, Stomp Boxes and Pickups
  4. Amp Sims – Creative Guitars
  5. Vocal Distortion Techniques

Be sure to check out the other Bundles that Ken Lewis offers, as well as, the individual mixing, production and recording lessons to learn how to record, mix, and produce your own music.

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