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Making Strings Sound Like Samples is a free short mix tutorial teaching you how to transform boring keyboard strings into throwback sampled strings with tons of vibe and ambience. It’s a quick 5 minute video where you will learn one great mix technique to add to your production and mixing arsenal. This quick mixing tip can also be found on Youtube, so please like and share. 

This is an excerpt from Ken’s “Plugin Transformers – Optimus Prime Audio”  In the full length lesson, Ken demonstrates techniques for transforming sounds from what they are to what he imagined them to be. Prepare to have your mind blown by some of the incredibly musical transformations. Transformations such as the drum loop that morphs into musical chords that spark a brand new beat. Listen as the gentle string pads turned into aggressive trem strings. Hear a cello become a guitar and staccato piano chords transformed into sustained pads. Pitch shift a live string section that doubles in size and impact completely naturally. These are just a few of the ear opening skills presented in the full 97 minute video lesson. Check it out!

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Anthony Policicchio
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