Mixing Background Vocals


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Ken Lewis spends over 2 and a half hours teaching an incredibly in depth lesson on Mixing Background Vocals. He presents his knowledge to you in very simple to understand methods and techniques. Consider this is your new bible for mixing background vocals!!

This lesson shows you all of the expected techniques on how to blend stacked 4 part vocal harmonies, but goes much deeper. Also covered here are subjects like grouping, panning, bussing, equalization, compression, limiting, using multiple compressors,  de-essing, and using autotune. More topics discussed here are finding the key of your song in a simple way, adding effects like reverb and delay, creating special effects like filtering and flanging,  and much more.

Ken also discusses both mix and production theory on subjects including:

  • how many tracks of each harmony note to record
  • how to approach what level to balance your background vocals in the mix relative to your lead vocals
  • how to make all the vocals work together as a team

The full audio session is included in this download, both the full Pro Tools session of Ken’s finished lesson and a clean slate pro tools session,  and consolidated audio stems for use with any DAW.

As you watch the lesson, follow along with the actual session and try the new techniques as you go. Then compare your results to Ken’s blends directly. Ken uses lots of stock plugins, as well as his favorites from UAD, Lexicon, AVID, WAVES, Antares, and Massey.

The downloadable lesson runs 2 hours and 34 minutes and includes both the full video mix tutorial and the full audio session and each individual track for use with any DAW. Practice your mixing skills blending together 4 note harmony blends, counter vocals, pad vocals, etc….

Running Time:  2 hours 34 minutes

Skill Level:    Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Genre:   Pop / Urban



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