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In Mixing Live Instruments – Quirky Pop Song, you will learn how to mix live instruments with this fun pop song! Here you will find real instruments played by real people and its really fun. Glockenspiels, vibraphone, and toy piano, live drums and percussion, bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitars, and piano. And of course, lead vocals, ad libs, and stacked backing harmony vocals. This one has it all.

Ken Lewis takes you through a full mix start to finish of the song “Tangerine” by artist MELLA, and the full audio session is packaged with the download so you can create your own mix of this juicy gem on any digital audio workstation (DAW).

Watch the free intro video of the first 8 minutes of the lesson, which will show you in depth exactly what’s included. This is an epic, 2 hour lesson, starting with drum mixing, fattening up the bass guitar, making the electric guitars cut through, putting the “grand” in piano, and the sparkle into the glockenspiel, vibraphone and toy piano. Then, Ken shows you how to mix the lead vocals perfectly on top of the song while blending the harmony vocals into the song.

Use compression and limiting to shape sounds. Utilize Pultecs and graphic EQ’s to sculpt character and depth. Enhance the natural sounds of the instruments and the rooms they were recorded in. Learn to add effects to glue each individual recorded instrument into the sound of a band playing live together. Layer sounds with panning and steep EQ cuts and boosts, control levels with limiters. Finally, finish the mix bus using tape saturation, EQ, compression, and final limiting.

Plugins used in this lesson range from lots of stock plugins, Slate F-GX, WAVES, UAD, Massey, Brainworx, Aphex, SoundToys, IK, Kush, Softube, Bombfactory, and more. Watch,  rewind and review all of Ken’s techniques then try them on your own DAW and compare your results to his.

“Tangerine” is brilliantly produced by Aman Sahi (LittleBlondie.com)

Watch the Mella “Tangerine” music video and hear Ken’s final mix of the song here on youtube!


Running Time:  1 hour 58 minutes
Skill Level:  Intermediate / Advanced
Genre:   Pop / Live Instruments

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