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In the mix tutorial, Mixing Shaggy, learn how to mix music for the Jamaican superstar, Shaggy, as Ken Lewis walks you through an entire mix!!!!

Practice mixing for an icon and let Ken prepare you better for that first big call.

All individual tracks for the song “Keep Me Pon Di Side” are INCLUDED in the download. Learn how to mix Shaggy while you follow along at home with the mix session open, trying each of Ken’s mix techniques. Then create your own mix. Do you feel like mixing for a legend today? Me too!

In this mixing tutorial, you will learn:

  • Mixing Shaggy’s vocals (lead, backing and ad libs)
  • Mixing layered female singing hooks
  • Beefing up samples and Low End Management
  • Mixing drums
  • Fitting frequencies together like a puzzle
  • Tuning and gating 808’s
  • Automating snare and vocal effects throws
  • M/S Equalization
  • Plugin Philosophy
  • Short reverbs to create depth
  • Haas Effect
  • Creating natural guitar doubles
  • Panning elements
  • Mastering the mix bus

As an added bonus, once you’ve finished your mix, check out the free streaming video on this page here at Audio School Online or on Youtube called “Mixing Shaggy – Arranging the Mix”.  In this Part 2, free mix lesson, Ken teaches you ways to bring excitement and dynamics to a finished mix by building up and breaking down the arrangement. Who said they didn’t love Shaggy? It wasn’t me!

“Keep Me Pon di Side” is produced by the brilliant Rellee Hayden for “A TEAM MUSIC”

Skill level: Intermediate / Advanced
Run Time: 108 minutes

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Sander Blom
This is crazy good. I have to say that the production, even though over stuffed perhaps at places, is impressive as well. All those parts DO work together! Very inspired! Thanks for sharing Ken.

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