Mixing Shaggy Part 2 – Arranging the Mix


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Mixing Shaggy Part 2 – Arranging the Mix is a free lesson as an added bonus for the “Mixing Shaggy” tutorial by Ken Lewis. In this mix lesson, Ken teaches you how to take a finished mix and re-work the arrangement. Step-by-step, he shows you ways to bring excitement and create dynamics in your mix. Watch Ken accomplish this by building up and breaking down the arrangement. In addition, learn several different techniques as Ken demonstrates how to build drop outs and turn arounds and how to create special moments that enhance the song. Watch it free now.

Then, check out the full mixing tutorial “Mixing Shaggy Part 1” also available here at Audio School Online. Part 1 is a full mix tutorial available for purchase and download. It includes the audio stems of the Shaggy song, “Keep Me Pon Di Side” that this tutorial is based on.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Run Time: 19 minutes

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Ilan Benitah
I don't remember the last time I watched a video that was that good. Sir Lewis, you rule.

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