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In Plugin Transformers – Optimus Prime Audio, Ken Lewis unveils many of his secret tricks and techniques for coloring sound in non-traditional ways. Throw out the Rule Book, you won’t need it here. Nothing about this lesson will show you the “proper” ways to use plugins. Most of what Ken demonstrates are techniques he discovered while searching for ways to transform sounds from what they are to what he imagined them to be.

Prepare to have your mind blown by some of the incredibly musical transformations, such as the drum loop that morphs into musical chords that spark a brand new beat. Or the gentle string pads turned into aggressive trem strings. Hear a cello become a guitar and staccato piano chords transformed into sustained pads. Pitch shift a live string section that doubles in size and impact completely naturally. These are just a few of the ear opening skills presented in this 97 minute video lesson.

This lesson (for any DAW) uses many plugins you may not have, but is not designed to teach “This is how you use this plugin”, instead the lesson opens you up to a vast array of musical possibilities you’ve never thought of or didn’t know how to achieve. This lesson will inspire you to create your own coloring boxes and begin to imagine what a sound could become instead of what it is. Ken also teaches many non-traditional techniques for making good sounds into great sounds, such as changing a narrow acoustic guitar into a full, fat, crisp acoustic guitar without using equalization.

Ken shows you on screen, step by step, not only what he is doing, but how, and most importantly why he’s chosen his approach. See all of the plugin settings on screen, and practice creating your own coloring boxes using the included Audio Session and stems for any DAW.

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Thanks Ken! Love learning from you over the years.

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