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The Sprint Mixing – Rock 2 tutorial (formerly known Sprint Mixing 2) utilizes the 10 Minute Drills designed by Ken Lewis. These additional drills were created to sharpen your instincts and increase your skill and speed as a mix engineer. You can watch the ENTIRE lesson for FREE in HD by clicking the video link above, but the full sessions for both Pro Tools and stems for use in any DAW are included in the purchase download.

Ken Lewis – “These are possibly the best tutorials on my entire site, but you need to put in the work. Sprint Mixing trains your ears the way an athlete trains their body”

Gary R (ASO user) – “I’ve done close to 50 Sprint Mixes so far. They instilled a sense of confidence I have never had before. I thought it took a day to complete a mix, but I was over thinking everything”

This lesson covers skill levels from Intermediate / Advanced / Jedi, providing different mix sessions and challenges for each level, JEDI LEVEL is the serious pro level – Think HYPERSPEED on Guitar Hero!!! If you find these levels are too challenging for you, be sure to check out Sprint Mixing  – Rock 1 first, and then revisit these skill levels. Additionally, watch Ken do the Jedi level in real time on the Video!!! He was sweating bullets!

The download includes several of Ken’s finished drill mixes (4 of them)  and also contains his finished mix from the video, so you can compare your final mixes to his to see how your mix stacks up to a pro. The Sprint Mixing – Rock 2 drills are meant to be repeated often, to build your speed, confidence, and mixing skills just like an athlete trains their body. Think of it as wind sprints for your ears! Good luck and enjoy!

Running Time:  31 Minutes
Skill Levels:   Intermediate / Advanced / JEDI

***3 DIFFERENT SESSIONS – 1 per Skill Level***

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