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The Sprint Mixing and Production Bundle contains all 4 Sprint Mixing & Production lessons at a discounted price.

  1. Sprint Mixing – Rock 1
  2. Sprint Mixing – Rock 2
  3. Sprint Mixing – Uptempo Pop 1
  4. Sprint Mixing – Uptempo Pop 2
  5. Sprint Production 1
  6. Sprint Production – REFILL PACK – Trap Beats 1

“These are possibly the best tutorials on my entire site, but you need to put in the work. Sprint Mixing and Production trains your ears the way an athlete trains their body” – Ken Lewis

Sprint Mixing is a 10 minute mix drill, designed by Ken Lewis, where you begin to mix a song starting from scratch. Start with all faders down, no plugins or effects. Set a stop watch for 10 minutes. In that time, see how far you can get creating a mix of the song in just 10 minutes. Then, print your mix, set everything back to square one and repeat the process. The drills are meant to be repeated often, to build your speed, confidence, and mixing skills. Think of these as wind sprints for your ears!

Sprint Production is a 10 minute production drill, designed by Ken, to hone your instincts as a producer. Ken picked a set tempo and a 4 bar loop. He,then, created 10 kick patterns, 10 snare patterns, 10 hi hat and percussion patterns, 10 basslines, 10 keyboard pads, and 10 synth lead patterns. All of these are in two different musical keys with different sounds. The object is to set a stop watch for ten minutes, hit start, loop the 4 bars, and try to put together the hottest beat you can in only ten minutes. NO CHEATING!! No extra time. Your goal is to find parts that compliment each other (in the same musical key) and sound good over the drum pattern you are creating. The best thing about the Sprint Production drill is that you can do it over and over with completely different results each time. So maybe your first try sounds a little weak. No worries, just reset the clock, mute all the tracks, hit start and go for it again! Every time you do it, you’ll get different results.

“This exercise is priceless for building your instincts and confidence in making quick, musical decisions. The pros work lighting fast with excellent results. The Sprint Production Drills will help you develop your own instincts and learn to listen to them! Good luck!” -Ken

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LaGuil Zepeda
The 15 minute drills [Sprint Mixes and Production] changed the mixing game for me. I started trusting my ears more and grouping more stuff like pad hats and drums busses to get a good sound. 20 minutes into the session the instrumental is printed and sound better then the original. Thanks Ken for being real and straight to the point. Keep em coming. I love these videos.

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