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Sprint Mixing – Uptempo Pop 2 is the second of 2 of the latest lessons in the Sprint Mixing series. Stream the FREE video and watch Ken Lewis tackle a Jedi Level Sprint Mix with 28 stems, from faders down to finished in only 10 minutes! Learn how this practice technique can take your mixing to the next level and beyond in record time, then do the Sprint Mixing drills yourself to make it happen. Pre created templates for your DAW make it easy to start – Ableton, Logic X, FL12, Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, Reaper, Sonar, Harrison Mix Bus, and Audio Stems for any other DAW. Download your template of choice and start mixing!

“These are possibly the best tutorials on my entire site, but you need to put in the work. Sprint Mixing trains your ears and instincts the way an athlete trains their body” – Ken Lewis

Sprint Mixing  – Uptempo Pop 2 covers skill levels from Intermediate to Advanced and beyond (Jedi level too)  providing different mix sessions and challenges for each level. If these drills prove to be a bit too challenging at first, check out the first 3 levels in Sprint Mixing – Uptempo Pop 1  for Beginner to Intermediate levels. 

Sprint Mixing – Uptempo Pop 1 includes:

  • Intern  – 5 Stems
  • Freshman – 7 Stems
  • Sophomore  – 10 Stems

Sprint Mixing 2 – Uptempo Pop 2 includes:

  • Junior  – 16 Stems
  • Senior – 22 Stems
  • Jedi  – 28 Stems

Ken created several levels so that you, regardless of your current skill level, can sharpen your instincts and increase your skill and speed as a mix engineer. If you are new to mixing, start at the Intern Level and work your way up. If you already have some mixing chops, dig into the Junior and Senior levels and work up to Jedi to compete with Ken. The download includes Ken’s full mix as well as his Jedi Level Sprint mix, so you can compare your work to his.

Gary R (ASO user) – “I’ve done close to 50 Sprint Mixes so far. They instilled a sense of confidence I have never had before. I thought it took a day to complete a mix, but I was over thinking everything”

The Sprint Mixing series utilizes 10 Minute Mixing Drills, designed by Ken Lewis, created to sharpen your instincts and increase your skill and speed as a mix engineer. Be sure to check out the other Sprint Mixing lessons in the series including Sprint Mixing – Rock 1 and Sprint Mixing – Rock 2. In addition to these, Ken has created a Sprint Production series as well. 

Running Time:  23 Minutes
Skill Levels:   Intermediate / Advanced / Jedi

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