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Hip Hop Creative Bundle

Hip Hop Creative Bundle

Hip Hop Creative Bundle

More than 23% Off – Now, who is feeling creative?
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The Hip Hop Creative Bundle includes several production tutorials, by Ken Lewis, focused on creating and arranging beats and improving your skills as a producer.

Ken has produced for Eminem, John Legend, Future, X Ambassadors, Kanye West, Ingrid Michaelson, Kendrick Lamar and more. He shares his 20 + years of real world knowledge and experience with you in his long-form tutorials.

Included all together for a great value are:

Run Time: 57 minutes

BEATMAKERS! This is a total GAME CHANGER. If you have avoided playing keyboard because just did not understand it and could never play anything musical, this is your jumpstart.

Learn how to add musical elements when making beats. In minutes you will be playing chords, basslines and melodies. Watch as Ken Lewis breaks down a lot of the mysterious functions and parameters found in soft synths and DAW’s. Become the Beast of the Beats when you have the ability to add music that works with your tracks.

Ken has a strong music background, but is a mediocre piano player, at best, yet, he has played piano on songs for John Legend, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Drake, Future, Ciara, and many others. This lesson covers:

  • Playing chords and chord progressions easily
  • Finding basslines
  • Learning the key of the song
  • Adding melodies and how to find the right notes
  • Layering sounds
  • Arpeggiators
  • Transposing octaves
  • Transposing keys
  • Differences between Mono and Stereo synth patches
  • Glide Time / Portamento
  • Quantization and more

There is no audio session download with this tutorial. Instead you should watch and follow along with your own DAW, learn each skill and that skill’s location in your DAW, then keep going. Build your own song as you watch.

Skill Level: Beginner Genre: ALL / Live Instruments

Full Course – 11 Videos + Sheet Music

This series is for beat makers without formal music training, who want to fully utilize a keyboard to make beats. Discover how to incorporate keys into your beat making with a mixture of in-studio playing techniques and some basic, easy-to-understand music theory.

Then, learn how to play songs by Drake, Dr. Dre, Wale, Jeremih, Katy Perry, and Alicia Keys. Find out how and why other producers put together chord progressions and melodies in these songs. Gain a better understanding of the process to help you when creating your own beats.

  1. Episode 1 covers triad progressions with inversions, basic explanation of 7th chords and 7th chord inversions, 7th chord progressions with inversions, 808 bass lines using passing tones, breaking up chords between hands, using leading tones to create melodies and more
  2. Episode 2 is “Making The Beat” where Ken Lewis takes a basic chord progression over a trap beat and moves the MIDI from piano to create a full song. Learn to create Dre style piano chops, bell arps and string pads, 808 bassline and synth melodies, create an arrangement, and change up chord rhythms.
  3. Episode 3 – Music Theory “Triads”
  4. Episode 4 – Learn to play “Started From The Bottom” by Drake
  5. Episode 5 – Learn to play “Still Dre” by Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
  6. Episode 6 – Learn to play “Bad” by Wale ft. Tiara Thomas
  7. Episode 7 – Music Theory “Major Scale Progressions”
  8. Episode 8 – Learn to play “Don’t Tell Em” by Jeremih ft. YG
  9. Episode 9 – Learn to play “Fallin” by Alicia Keys
  10. Episode 10 – Learn to play “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry
  11. Episode 11 – Music Theory “The Minor Scale & Relative Minors”

Run Time: 20 minutes

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills

Learn how to take your boring drum patterns and inject them with vibe, character, and dynamics. Watch as Ken Lewis shows you the techniques he has used to produce for Eminem, Kanye West, Future, Ciara, Kendrick Lamar, and countless others, such as how to create an authentic sounding hip hop breakbeat starting with a simple kick, snare and hi hat. Follow along as he demonstrates how to finish with layers of drums, percussion and ambience reminiscent of the classic breaks.

Learn to pick the right sounds and use the right effects, compression, and EQ to make heads nod and rappers find their flow over your drums.

This tutorial includes the full audio breakbeat session, including all of Ken’s One Shot drums, so you can practice these techniques on your own DAW as you watch the tutorial. Pause, rewind, and try your new skills as Ken shows you the way.


Run Time: 51+ minutes

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills

Learn how to layer drums to create trap beats from Ken Lewis, who has produced for Trap legends like Future and Kanye West.

Watch as he shows you some of his drum layering techniques specific for making trap beats. See him start with a simple 808, kick, snare, and hi hat, and transform these into 3 different melodic 808 basslines with chops and bends, 4 kick layers, 5 snare layers, 6 hi hat layers and more.

Discover how to creatively change up your hi hat patterns and create trap hat rolls and much more.

Run Time: 1 hour, 4 minutes


Give rappers bars they can sink their lyrics into. Watch and learn as Ken Lewis shows beat makers how to take a 4 bar looped beat and turn it into an entire, fully arranged song by creating breakdowns, turnarounds, chops, slow down effects, repeats, buildups, filter sweeps, arranging intro, verse, hook, bridge, etc.

Learn how to start from a blank session, import the stems, find the tempo, build and arrange a full song based off a 4 bar loop, create dynamics, and finally, give rappers what they want.

Skill Level: Intermediate, Genre: Urban / Pop / Instrumental

Run Time: 1 hour, 18 minutes

This tutorial is an absolute “must know” for producers and mixers who work with sampled beats. Beatmakers, this lesson breaks down how to manipulate sounds before, or after, you sample them, finding new and creative ways to isolate specific pieces of a sound to sample. Watch as Ken Lewis takes a classic sample, used in Jay Z’s “Roc Boys,” and shows you how to isolate the horns only and remove the drums and bass, or isolate the bassline only, snares only, etc. Discover how to layer different pieces of a sample together to create new sounds and moods as Ken demonstrates how.

Learn how to take boring, straight-ahead drum loops and add energy and presence to them using EQ, compression, filtering, M/S Equalization, and phase inversion as Ken takes you through 3 more samples. Next, find out how to transform your sample sources into completely new sounds as Ken breaks down “A Minus B” listening.

 Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced

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Learn how to mix, record and produce music from Ken Lewis, as he shares the real world techniques used to make world-class, hit records based on his 25+ years of industry experience. Ken’s credits include work with BTS, Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Drake, Future, FUN., Mark Ronson, Ariana Grande and countless others.