Audio School OnlineShape and Squeeze BundleSqueeze out more savings buying in bulk – more than 20% Off

Shape and Squeeze Bundle

Shape and Squeeze Bundle

Shape and Squeeze Bundle

Squeeze out more savings buying in bulk – more than 20% Off
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The Shape and Squeeze Bundle contains several mix tutorials focused on shaping and squeezing sound through the use of compression, limiting and equalization methods and techniques.

The lessons included are:

Run Time: 1 hour 9 minutes

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills

Learn the functions and sonics of compression as Ken Lewis shares his 25 + years of experience as a professional mixer and gives you a real world, master class understanding. Watch as Ken dispels common misconceptions and de-mystifies and demonstrates how drastically you can alter sound, for better and worse, using only a compressor or limiter.

This tutorial covers each function including threshold, attack, release, ratio, knee, brick wall limiting, gain reduction, gain make-up and more. Get insights as Ken explains all these functions and demonstrates them in depth, both in a classroom setting and also the studio, to give you a well rounded approach to understanding compression and limiting.

Learn how radically different these controls can sound from one plug-in manufacturer to the next, an ear opening experience for sure, as Ken digs deeper and demonstrates this. Finally, score some insider techniques as Ken shows you some of his personal compression tricks to round out the tutorial.

By the end of this video, you will discover how to control and shape sound using compression and limiting techniques. You will know how to choose not only the right compressor, but how to set it to achieve the sounds you want.

Run Time: 1 hour 22 minutes

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills + Classic Compressors Guide with Attack / Release time charts, comparisons and more.

The first time Ken Lewis saw an LA2A in a big recording studio, he thought, “Its only got 2 knobs, how could this possibly sound good?” Then he listened and learned.

Learn what an audio compressor is and how compression works. Watch as Ken tackles a mountain of Classic Compressor plugins in this 82 minute tutorial. Listen to the radical differences in tone, shape, color, and character between 11 compressors and 5 different compression and limiting types. Observe as Ken compares and contrasts all of these legends, demonstrating examples on mix bus, drums, bass, and vocals.

Then, throw out everything you thought you knew about the sound of 1176 and LA2A compressors as you see Ken compare 7 different 1176 plugins and 6 different LA2A plugins.

By the end of this tutorial, you will know which compressor to choose and why.

Run Time: 35 minutes

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills

So, you’re lost. You hear EQ working, but you don’t quite understand how to make it work best for you. Why choose a graphic instead of a parametric? What is a Pultec? Get all of your pressing questions about equalization answered here in EQ Basics for Beginners.

Watch and learn as Ken Lewis explains all of the basics of equalization for people just getting started including:

  • Parametric EQ
  • Graphic EQ
  • Pultec Style
  • Precision Equalizers

After watching, you will know the basics of what an equalizer does and how you can effectively use it. Discover how to use the functions and settings on each type of equalizer in an easy to understand and highly informative way.

Skill Level: Beginner / Genre: ALL

Run Time: 35 minutes

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills

MIX CHEST POUNDING, SYSTEM SHAKING KICKS. Learn in-depth mix techniques for compressing and equalizing kick drums as Ken Lewis demonstrates how. Watch as he focuses on bass enhancers like MaxxBass, BX Boom, and others.

Discover how to utilize a wide variety of different plugins to demonstrate a wide range of kick drum compression techniques. Get the inside scoop as Ken shares some of the techniques he uses as he mixes artists such as BTS, Kanye West, and Sean Paul, and many more.

Get the video tutorial as well as the full Pro Tools download with all of the Kick One Shots from this lesson (use them on your own beats!) and all of Ken’s plugin settings from the lesson. This lesson focuses on Urban and Pop kicks.

Run Time: 51 minutes

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills

Get the inside scoop as Ken Lewis reveals his secrets for how to make snare drums punch, smack, and explode on impact like he did on “We Are Young”, “Uptown Funk” and “Girl On Fire.”

Watch as Ken demonstrates and describes a wide range of sounds and settings, creating various impacts and decays, using stock plugins and more advanced gear.

Learn many techniques from slow compression to fast limiting, gating snares, parallel compression and layering different snare sounds to build that one MASSIVE snare drum!


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Learn how to mix, record and produce music from Ken Lewis, as he shares the real world techniques used to make world-class, hit records based on his 25+ years of industry experience. Ken’s credits include work with BTS, Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Drake, Future, FUN., Mark Ronson, Ariana Grande and countless others.