Audio School OnlineVocal BundleSing your way to savings with this complete range of tutorials regarding all things regarding vocals – over 23% Off

Vocal Bundle

Vocal Bundle

Vocal Bundle

Sing your way to savings with this complete range of tutorials regarding all things regarding vocals – over 23% Off
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The VOCAL BUNDLE includes all the mix tutorials by Ken Lewis on the complete range of vocal recording, mixing, comping, editing, effects, and tuning techniques across a wide variety of genres and source material.

The tutorials in this bundle include:

Run Time: 1 hour 35 minutes

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills

Learn how to decide on the proper effects for mixing your lead vocals as Ken Lewis shares his 25 + years of producing, mixing, recording vocals for some of the most iconic people in the world from Beyonce to Arianna Grande to Kanye West to Justin Bieber, and many, many more.

Gain insights on reverb and delay, as well as, vocal distortions and imaging effects like chorus and pitch spreading. Watch and learn as Ken discusses how to fly vocals from one section to another. Discover insider tips as Ken shares many of his personal effects tricks including stringing multiple effects together, adjusting reverb shape, pre-delay, decay, filtering, and ping pong, stereo and mono delay effects. Learn what to listen for and how to find your perfects vocal effects.

Run Time: 2 hours, 34 minutes

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills

Consider this tutorial your new bible for mixing background vocals!

Learn all the essential techniques including blending stacked, 4 part vocal harmonies, and grouping, panning, bussing, equalizing, compressing, limiting, using multiple compressors, de-essing, and using autotune on background vocals as Ken Lewis shows you how in very simple to understand methods and techniques. In addition, discover how to find the key of your song in a simple way, how to add effects like reverb and delay, how to create special effects like filtering and flanging, and much more. 

Learn both background vocal mixing and production theory on topics including:

  • How many tracks of each harmony note to record
  • How to balance the levels of your background vocals in the mix relative to your lead vocals
  • How to make all the vocals work together as a team

As you watch the lesson, follow along with the actual session and try these techniques as you go. Practice your mixing skills by blending together 4 note harmony blends, counter vocals, pad vocals, etc. Then, compare your results to Ken’s blends directly.

Skill Level:  Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced, Genre:   Pop / Urban

Run Time: 1 hour, 17 minutes

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills

Ariana Grande, Wu Tang Clan, Sean Paul, Damien Marley, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, Usher, Danity Kane, Mary J Blige, Jeremih & 50 Cent, many more great artists. THEY ALL HAVE ONE THING IN COMMON…Ken Lewis mixed their lead vocals.

Watch and learn as Ken teaches you all of his deep, dark vocal mixing secrets, as he breaks it all down into very easy to understand explanations. This is your complete, step-by-step guide to great sounding lead vocals.

Follow along as Ken takes you through five complete lead vocal mixing chains including:

  1. Utilizing only UAD plugins,
  2. Then, only using WAVES plugins
  3. Next, only working with stock Pro Tools plugins
  4. Then, a random assortment plugin chain
  5. Finally, using a Channel Strip.

Gain insights as Ken shows you how to combine compression, limiting, equalization (EQ), de-essing, autotune, saturation, and filtering to create lead vocals that sit perfectly in your mix. In addition, learn how to identify problematic, ringy frequencies and use notch EQ to remove them. Observe how to shape your tracks with graphic and parametric EQ to add the right amount of presence to a vocal.

Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced, Genre:  Pop / Urban

Run Time: 21 minutes

Learn how to emphasize an important lyric or boost your vocals with a swelling effect. Watch as Ken Lewis demonstrates step-by-step how to create a reverse reverb effect on a lead vocal, though it can be used on any sound source, in any DAW.

Add this complicated technique to your mixing arsenal as Ken breaks down how to achieve this gem in a very simple way. Discover where and when to utilize reverse reverb and how to pick the right type of reverb and length of reverb to get the sound you are looking for as Ken offers advice.

Haunt your mixes now with this very cool effect.

Skill Level: Intermediate, Genre: Rock / Vocals / Mixing Effects

Run Time: 38 minutes

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills

Uncover the mysteries of vocal comping and why and how it will take your productions to the next level as Ken Lewis explains the entire process step-by-step. Learn how to set up for vocal comping, how to listen to vocal takes and how to choose the best ones and how to compile and all of the best vocals on one single track. Watch as Ken shows you how to edit all of the vocals together so that the end lead vocal performance sounds as if it was captured in one take.

Skill Level: Advanced, Genre: All

Run Time: 24 minutes

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills

Usher, Kanye, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Lou Gramm, Krewella, Adam Duritz, Pharrell, Mary J, Diana Ross, David Byrne, Nelly, Puffy, Simply Red, 50 Cent, Tyrese, Pete Rock, 112, Queen Latifah, Big Pun, George Clinton, Bounty Killer, Tarkan, Danity Kane, and many, many more. What do all of these artists have in common?  Ken Lewis has recorded all of their voices. 

Watch and learn as Ken shows you, step by step, his entire process of preparing for a vocal session. Discover how to capture a beautiful vocal on the first take. Gain a better understanding of the vocal recording and production, as this is an art that few truly possess. Let Ken’s decades of experience mastering the craft, working with the biggest artists in the world across many genres, help you improve your vocal recording.

Learn how to record vocals, from mic pre basics to more in depth stuff you’ve never thought of. See how to create the vibe and comfort zone for the vocalist, and get the insider tips that Ken uses in recording sessions with artists like Kanye West, Beyonce, and Usher. All is explained here in easy to understand detail.

Skill Level: Everyone Needs This

Reasons why anyone shouldn’t own this? Zero.

Run Time: 17 minutes (2 videos)

Includes ProTools Session + Stems for use on any DAW to practice new skills

In Video 1 – Watch as Ken Lewis shows you two ways that he uses Amp Sims to add distortion, overdrive, and unique character to vocals. Learn how to keep your vocals clear and understandable while also saturating them.

In Video 2 – Learn from Ken Lewis, who has created many distorted vocals and vocal stabs for Kanye West over the last 13 years working with him. Now, he divulges a few secrets of the trade. Discover how the beauty is in the simplicity and ability to duplicate these techniques. Learn several different techniques to distort, then effect vocal stabs using reverb and delays.

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Learn how to mix, record and produce music from Ken Lewis, as he shares the real world techniques used to make world-class, hit records based on his 25+ years of industry experience. Ken’s credits include work with BTS, Kanye West, Bruno Mars, Drake, Future, FUN., Mark Ronson, Ariana Grande and countless others.